Lifestyle. Luxury. Zanzibar.

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Grand Opening of Paje Exclusively for dJ The money Coach

Join other members of the POM POM Lifestyle and Beaches of the World Club today. Escape to Zanzibar on your own time, whenever you want.

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Celebrate DJ The Money Coach's 3 Year Anniversary by Joining The POM POM Lifestyle Zanzibar Vacation Club

Lifestyle. Luxury. Zanzibar.

Exclusive access to the most beautiful location you haven't discovered yet. By becoming a member, you will be able to travel to Paradise in Zanzibar, Tanzania, on your own time, 4-6 weeks out of the year. We have 6 tiers to choose from, all with fantastic views and accommodations you won't find anywhere else at a brand new resort that opens in 2024.

Click the "Join Now" button below to pick your tier and get ready to enter 2024 in style

The Only Place On

Earth That Time Forgot

Destination. Luxury. Respite.

It all starts in Zanzibar for you and your family.


4-6 Weeks of Luxury

Come back again and again to Paradise


On Your Own Time

No need to wait on a group.


Magnificent Views

At a brand new, never-before-seen resort!


5 Star Excursions

Make memories you'll never forget in Zanzibar

A Tranquil Tropical Hideaway

See What Zanzibar Has In Store For You

Stone Town Tours

Party On The Islands

Paradise Ocean Excursions

Hear From Past Guests Why They Love Zanzibar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a timeshare?

No. POM POM Lifestyle Vacations is a vacation club where you are allowed to visit any time (while room and location is available) for as long as you are a paying member. You pay a monthly fee and, depending on the level you choose, you will get access to an exclusive room of a brand new resort here in Zanzibar, Tanzania for 4-6 weeks, beautiful views, excursions, and light ground transportation.

How long do I have to be a member before I can book a stay?

You can book as soon as you sign up and your membership is confirmed! We are currently only accepting bookings for 2024

Why do I have to wait until 2024 to book a stay?

The resort you will be staying at is brand new and will begin accepting reservations in 2024

Is this a group trip?

No. The benefits of the POM POM Lifestyle Vacation Club is that you get to pick and choose when you would like to visit Zanzibar, on your own time. You will also be able to pick the specific excursions your tier allows you to have!

Do I have to purchase my own flight?

Yes, you will have to purchase your own flight to Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Can I bring my family/other guests?

Yes you can. Each additional guest will have to sign a waiver/release form as well as any other needed documentation as well

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